Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red in tooth and claw

Admittedly, the phrase is actually from a memorial poem from Tennyson to Arthur Henry Hallam. But a lot of people use the idea as nature in its rawest form.

This photo was taken in March, 2012.  It's a Red-shouldered hawk making very short work of a rat that it caught in Golden Gate Park.  Yes, much to everyone's surprise, there are rats in San Francisco. And there are an amazing array of wildlife that feed on those rats and other animals.  Quite a few are located in the park.

I bring this up because I was reading an article about where people go to look for photos.  I've always been an advocate of 2 things, go back to places you've been to before, and get the camera you're willing to carry around.

Going back - When I was offered the job at Industrial Light and Magic, it meant I had to move to San Francisco. It's had good and bad points. The good is the discovery I have made (to myself, many people knew this already) of the amazing photo opportunities in the area. Because I am only a mile from the park, I am able to return to it and get to know it better.  We were able to learn some of the signs to look for.  The reason we found this hawk when we did was we noticed the racket the Jays were making, the sign that they were not at all happy something was around.  Using the Jays to guide us, we found this hawk.

If we didn't know about the Jays, we would not have found the hawk, and been able to watch this display of "red in tooth and claw".