Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone challenge Day 20

Sort of a weird one.

I took a 8 second video of this stream at work, image stabilized that in Motion, exported the movie into "Keith's Image Stacker", and averaged the frames, and I get silky water.

Okay, probably a little too much work.

The image was tweaked in iPhoto, probably a little too much for my taste, it definitely has the weird contrast mapping problem.


zardoz said...

You did loose a little sharpness on the rest of the image. Water looks cool though.


Brian D. Moffet said...

I did lose some sharpness, which sort of comes with a hand-held (but braced) movie translated into an image. Even with that, I think the experiment worked fairly well. I need to make up an iPhone tripod mount, possibly using a gorilla pod?