Saturday, September 25, 2010

Had gone to shoot birds...

But the fog came in.  I was traveling light so I had only brought my Canon 100-400 mm lens, and didn't have anything shorter.  So, I started playing with the fog depth, where the fog would change how it affects the image as you get further away.  In this particular case, the fog also changed thickness even from left to right.  It was moving slowly in bunches, causing some interesting patterns.

I chose to use the image stabilization, even though I was only shooting at 100mm  1/320 second.  Should have brought the tripod along, but oh well.

What I found interesting was the patterns in the fog, combined with the reddish tree against the green. I could have increased the saturation to bring out some of the colors, but that would have decreased the affect of the fog on the scene. It's certainly interesting to try and balance out the muting of the fog with the color in the landscape.

This was take at North Lake, Golden Gate Park.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

time lapse photography.

I just had to share this, something I've always wanted to play with.  Photography gives you a chance to play with time, outside of human perception.  Fast, slow, time-lapse.

Kudos to Simon Christen for this.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

compact cameras

I was in Mendocino, and I recently got into the habit of bringing my Olympus FE-46 around, even if I am carrying my Canon camera around. Especially when I have the 100-400 mm zoom on the Canon, having the small camera as a wide-angle backup is very nice. This particular camera has the capability of adjusting the exposure of the image, which is what I had to do to get the image to the right.  I knocked the exposure down by 1.3 stops so that the sky had some color in it.

I also ran across a book which sounds interesting, Confessions of a Compact Camera Shooter.In it, Rick Sammon talks about using a compact camera to get interesting shots. If you have followed Dewitt Jones in Outdoor Photographer, he has also been playing around with these small cameras as well.  At least I think it was him, I'm going on memory now.  

I highly recommend that you pick up one of these little cameras, try to get one that will allow exposure adjustment, it helps a lot in getting good shots.  They're light, and very versatile when those shots crop up.  And the required tripod can be very light.