Sunday, March 21, 2010

New camera bag

Someone at work is selling a Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home bag which seems like a very nice bag. He let me borrow it for the weekend and I went wandering around Golden Gate park with all of my camera gear. It handles the Canon Digital Rebel XT, the Tamron 18-250mm zoom, the 100-400 IS lens, the 1.4 teleconverter, and the Canon Speedlight 420 I own. I carried the Bogen tripod on my shoulder, I don't think anyone should think about packing that into a bag.

It's nice, but I am a bit afraid of out-growing it too soon. I like the side-carry, though it is more difficult on my shoulder than the backpack I currently use. But, it takes quite a bit of time to get a lens out of the backpack as compared to the Crumpler.

I welcome any suggestions.

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