Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breeding season

It's breeding season for the birds. A quick walk around Lake Merced in California had lots of interesting opportunities. The Hummingbirds are out and fending off intruders to their territory.

When shooting this image of the Great Blue against the sky, I knew that the sky would fool the meter quite a bit, so I adjust the metering to be +1 stop. Since I was shooting in aperture preferred mode, that meant that the shutter speed was cut down by 1/2. This shot was f.8.0, iso 800, 1/2000 second at 400mm on the Digital Rebel XT. The lens was the 100-400mm IS Zoom from Canon. In Raw mode of course.

There is a little cropping, and some adjustment of exposure (Fill Light in Adobe Lightroom 2).

The camera was set up for AI Servo and spot metering.

One of the things I discovered is that I need to work on my panning. As long as the object is fairly large in the frame I don't have a problem (for example airplanes at an air show) but I was not able to keep the spot on this bird very well.

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