Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting close

And focusing on a cat that is a bit naturally wired. This was using the 31 mm extension tube, 130 mm on the 18-250 zoom, f.19 and 1/60 second with flash. Because of the extension tube, I had to hand focus, which was really hard. It's difficult to focus on black fur, so I kept trying to find the eye. She was not amused.

In addition, with the extension tube, I find it easier to do most of the focusing with the zoom, and then fine-focus with the actual focus. If I weren't hand-holding this, I could adjust position but that's sort of difficult when you're shooting a cat who wants dinner.

I'm not sure how other people use extension tubes in this situation, whether you use with a fixed focal length, and how you do the focusing?

This photo is not cropped in any way.

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