Thursday, August 20, 2009

ISO 100 f.14

And a big tripod with a big ball-head (in particular a Bogen setup). I decided to challenge myself, sort of along the lines of the old film days, shoot a low ISO setting and work with a tripod to get the detail. The photograph was taken with a Canon Digital Rebel Xt, 100-400 mm IS lens, and a 1.4 teleconverter. That is equivilent to an 896 mm lens on a standard 35 mm camera. Needless to say, the tripod was necessary. I had to hand-focus the lens because the auto-focus is not able to work at f.8 or lower.

However, by doing this, I had to take the time to actually focus the camera, check on the exposure, and basically slow down, all for the good I think.

Odd thing, with this Heron and the Snowy Egret that was near by, there were fish jumping all around them. This was taken at Crissy Field, San Francisco
which has a very nice visitors center.

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