Sunday, May 17, 2009

Field laptops

The time off year is here again, I'll be working the Watsonville Airshow as judging photographer. in order to do this, I needed a small laptop or computer to sort over 2000 photographs that I and my helpers will be taking. I bought a "netbook", a Dell Mini-10. It arrived this last week, and I was able to play around with it after taking some photographs at Lake Merced in San Francisco. Some initial thoughts:
  • Only 1 Gig of memory, not too bad but some people might want more
  • Buy the larger resolution screen. I bought the normal screen (1024x576 or so) Lightroom will pop up menus that are 768 high. I can adjust the screen to show 1024x768 but more resolution would help.
  • It handles Lightroom 2.3 fairly well, including adjustments to the photo, rotating, etc.
  • Dual-core processor, even with only a 1.6 Ghz CPU, it performs very well.
  • Get the 6-cell battery, lots of time to find a plug
  • HDMI out, I think for me this will be more useful than vga out.
  • 160 Gig hard drive. More than my desktop.
It's small, and very portable. it doesn't have a CD/DVD on it, but I already had a USB DVD burner so I was able to easily install what I needed.

It's an amazing little machine. Since it was so new, I did spring for the 2 year maintenance agreement.

And just because this is a photo blog, one of the many Herons I ran across at Lake Merced...

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