Monday, March 9, 2009

Cinematography and Photography

One thing that I believe is necessary to a good film, is good imagery. While it does not make a complete film, it helps incredibly. I have been watching Discovery's Planet Earth Series and have been very impressed by the cinematography in it. The shots are amazing, and show an amazing amount of skill and thought. Given some of the issues that they had to go through (the diaries on Disk 2 about the Polar Bears is frightening), they managed to get some fantastic shots.

One other film I saw within the last year is One-Six Right by Brian Terwilliger. It was shot in High-definition video, and has some amazing shots, air-to-air and more. These two DVDs should be required watching for anyone who wants to be a photographer. Turn the sound off, and start dissecting how the shots are put together, what makes them work. When I was working as a staff member in the Film Department at U.C. Santa Cruz, I petitioned the department to have Brian Terwilliger give a talk on the work in One-Six Right. Unfortunately, I was not successful. I think it would have been an interesting seminar for the film production students on what makes a good shot.

Then turn the sound back on an grab a bowl of popcorn...

P.S. No, I don't think the enclosed photo does justice to the work in "One-Six Right."

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