Sunday, March 22, 2009

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

I spent a Saturday there with my wife, we wandered around the Bio dome and I was very impressed. Not only from the photographic standpoint, but how it was all put together. On a Saturday, the wait was fairly long, 30 minutes. But once inside it presented plenty of opportunity to photograph free-flying birds and butterflies.

There are also exhibitions of the smaller animals you can find in the various rain forest area. Warning, the cockroaches are huge, but they don't fly free.

The Moss Room is a great place to relax and have a wonderful lunch while waiting for your entry time into the Planetarium. The Morrison Planetarium is a must see item. While I have fond memories of the old projector, the new system is fantastic. The screen covers almost the full visual field, and in doing so induces an amazing level of false motion when the image moves. The show I saw didn't seem to cause any ill effects on anyone, but if you're especially sensitive, take care.

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