Sunday, February 1, 2009

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HDR files are fun to play with. I don't personally own any neutral density filters, so I usually take bracketed photos of the scene I want to use and combine them into a HDR file. This works fine with a static image, but one like on the right becomes a little strange to work with.

Because the waves moved during the three exposures (take at f 5.0, 1/4000, 1/2000, and 1/640 of a second) Photoshop had some problems registering the image. The overall results were good. However, the people in the foreground were mis-registered. But, Photoshop to the rescue.

I was able to take the people out of one of the images, and paste them in as another layer so that they looked correct. I had a layer mask so that I could adjust them separately from the rest of the image. I'm not sure I am finished with this image, while I like the way the image turned out, I think the various exposure layers can be better adjusted.

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