Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Extension tubes

When I was shooting with film, I was using an old Chinon CS-2 completely manual camera. It used the Pentax screw-mount lenses, and I had a set of screw-mount extension tubes for it. Playing around with macro-photography has been fun but frustrating at the time. Waiting for the film to come back was always an issue with me. Now, digital cameras to the rescue.
I received Pro-Optic extension tubes for Christmas for my Canon Digital Rebel Xt. I recently had a chance to play with it.
The photo on the right (or above depending on your browser) was taken with the the 31 mm extension tube on my 18-250 mm Tamron zoom lens. There was no cropping on this photo.
Because of the low light, I had to manually focus. I had a Canon 420 Speedlight for the flash, and because I was focusing about 6 inches from my cat's eye, there was no red-eye. I'm personally amazed she allowed me to do this, though catching it was luck. Cat's get distracted quite frequently...
More information at Outdoor Photographer.

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