Sunday, January 18, 2009

extension tubes

Sometimes it's fun to play with different things, extension tubes for example. Extension tubes are placed between the camera body and the lens, and cause the focal plane to be pushed further away from the lens. This has the effect of making things larger, or macro.
I had a set of extensions tubes for my film camera, but it was never really easy to play with. I had to wait for the film to come back to see what happened (other than the view finder.) With digital, all of that changes.
I purchased a set of proOptic extension tubes for my Canon Digital Rebel XT. With the normal zoom I use, and the 13 mm extension tube I was able to get almost too close to this banana slug. It should be fun to see the world in a whole new way, and almost immediately. I'll have to get used to taking photos lying on my stomach.
By the way, the circular shadow in front of the slug is the lens itself, blocking the flip-up flash on the camera.