Monday, December 29, 2008

Humans see faces

I always tell the photographers I work with at the airshow, there is a face in everything, even airplanes. Find it and you're one step closer to connecting to the audience. But in smoke? This photo was taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on Dec 28, 2007.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maximum printing resolution

So how big is the maximum print size for an 8 Megapixel image? The reason I pondered this was two experiences. Someone I know flew around the world in a small plane, a home-built Vans RV aircraft. I took a photo of him getting out of the plane with my Canon Digital Rebel XT. I then blew that photo up to 36x24 inches as a poster. It looked really good. (around 100 DPI)

Recently, I enlarged a photo I took of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse similar to the one to the left, but from the ocean side. I blew it up to 22x28 inches (around 200 DPI) and I really could not see any problems.

I knew I had to blow the image up fairly large or the detail would get lost. It looked great. And it only cost 25.00 at a photo shop.

So I'm not so sure that the standard of 300 DPI is valid anymore. Yes, that gets you a gret resolution, but at what advantage?

You can see the larger image here