Friday, November 21, 2008

Radical changes.

So Canon released the new 5D mark II and the 50D cameras. The 5D is a full-frame SLR using the Digic-4 chip, and the 50D uses an APS-C sized sensor, and the Digic-4 chip. And yet, the 5D mark II also provides 1080P quicktime movie capabilities, which is really cool.

I got to listen to Vincent LaForet talk about using the new 5D mark II to create a short movie (see it on his web site.) The exciting thing was that he was able to use all of his regular lenses to record to an image the size of 35mm film. That means he can really play with the capabilities of the lenses, light gathering, depth of field, etc, rather than having to learn a completely different system. His opinion is that this will change how photographers work, how they shoot professionally.

I agree, and I'm waiting for the software upgrades to the 50D so it can do high-def video as well. I hope it doesn't require the larger buffer sizes the 5D mark II has over the 50D...