Monday, January 21, 2008


One of the problems I've had with the longer lenses (100-400mm is with 1.4 teleconverter) is hand-holding the lens and getting a good shot. I decided that a monopod would help quite a bit, and be much easier than the Bogen 3021 tripod I have. I bought it when I had much heavier camera gear.

I purchased a Manfroto 676B monopod and a 3229 head. According to my calculations, it should just hold the 100-400 mm zoom, camera, flash, and 1.4 teleconverter I have.

To test it out, I took some photographs in my living room, with the 100-400 mm lens. The photograph shown (with some odd white-balance) was taken at 400 mm, 1/13th of a second, f 5.6

It is way beyond what I could do hand-held, and I look forward to using this in the field.

In case you're interested, that thing I took a photo of is a weather station in the shape of an old satellite.

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