Monday, February 5, 2007

Take the shot

Part of my goals in life (as I enter my second trimester so to speak) is to never tell myself no when it's not my decision. What that means is I will ask permission, ask for help, just ask. I won't let myself say "no" when the decision really belongs to someone else. I have been somewhat successful at this, even though it's been difficult. I have a very strong filter and censor in my head that keeps me from intruding on other people.

Obviously, part of this also includes some level of politness, I'm not going to ask for something that doesn't make sense in a social situation.

Oddly enough, part of this thought process also applies to technology and photography. I was in Mendocino recently. It was very grey out, and I was not having much success with the birds out there. However, there was one bird I noticed in a bramble. With the 100-400 mm lens at 240mm, I decided to shoot the photo, even though the camera was set to 1/30 of a second. I had the image stabilizer on, and I braced as well as I could. I walked away knowing that the image wouldn't be in focus.

I was wrong. So, take that shot, do your best to keep things working in your favor, and remember that luck favors the prepared.